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Newsletter 3.6.7 Released

Hello everybody ! We’re pleased to announce Newslettter 3.6.7, our last and most up-to-date release of our plugin. This version includes a brand new blog info panel where you can easily set some common-use sections of your newsletters, such as header, footer and social links. Once and for all. But don’t worry, the old fashioned visual editor is still there at your orders. A new default theme has been added: clean, minimal and ready-to-use.  You may also notice some embellishments here and there, this is part of a major visual overhaul that will gradually take place in the following releases: your feedback is more than welcome, feel free to pay a visit at our forums and drop a comment with your thoughts. You may use our Facebook official page as well, here. What else ? Uh yeah, we are now a proud non-smoking team, hooray !

Here is the complete changelog.

Newsletter 3.6.7 Changelog

- New Blog Info configuration panel 
- New Default Theme
- Minor layout changes Fix subscription email link
- Added notices when filters are active on subscriber management panel 
- Few fixes on statistic panel
- Fixed undefined index noticies on subscription page 
- Several fixes


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