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Newsletter 3.0 Testers Needed

By October 24, 20129 Comments

Finally I found the way and after two important re-factoring the final version of Newsletter 3.0 is here on my laptop.

It was greatly changed both at code level and on administration interface. For example the composer now is a two step process: you choose the theme and see a preview and then go forward to edit the email.

Emails are now both textual and html to help on spam prevention. The SMTP will probably part of the free version and the targeted subscriber of a message can now be finely selected.

Themes can have their own options panel: simple theme won’t be configurable, other will be able to ask for colors, others can be very complex. To theme development I’ll reserve some time in the near future.

The subscription process configuration is now more clear linear ad I worked to make the profile panel a standard way for subscribers to manage their data. But all that require a lot of tests on different environments.

This is would try to create a team around Newsletter free version that can help me to consolidate that version and may be collaborate for new feature, corrections and so on.

Would you be part of that?

If your answer is yes or even may be write me at I’ll send you the new package with instructions to install it and subsequent updates with fixes from feed back I got.

Of course, Newsletter will get a contributor page where to be listed! It’s no more than glory but…

Thank you in advance!



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