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The New Composer Extended Blocks Are Here

By May 5, 2017No Comments

Newsletter composer was designed since the origins to be extended with custom and dynamic blocks. Today we release a new extension which adds four new blocks to the composer:

  1. the full post block: inserts the full post content of a selected post
  2. the gallery block: inserts up to 10 images selected from your media gallery
  3. the list block: creates a nice list of items with 20 different check marks
  4.  the video block: insert a cover and a link for videos from the video sharing platforms (like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and few others)

Each block can be added more than one time to create super engaging newsletter with the minimum effort. For example, if you’re a video producer which use Vimeo as streaming platform, added a Vimeo video is super easy:

Of course, as you know, videos won’t play directly on email client (even if the support for video is increasing) and the cover links directly to the video online. On mobile clients, the link can open YouTube if the app is installed with a great user experience.

Try out the list block and the gallery block to create rich and engaging newsletter but do not miss to let us know which new blocks and or improvements you’d like to see in next version.

(The extended blocks are actually available to all Newsletter users with a valid license and can be installed from the Newsletter extensions panel in the blog administration section).