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New Antiflood System

By October 25, 2017No Comments

Have you ever heard of a thing called subscription flood? Nope? In this article you will learn something about it and how to prevent using the new antiflood system embedded in Newsletter 🙂

A subscription flood is an IT attack where an automated system tries to submit a great number of email addresses, largely fake, to a subscription form, in a short amount of time. This is a problem since for each subscription you will send a confirmation or welcome email. The result will be a great number of email sent which probably will generate bounces or complaints. You may be asking why an email address can subscribe twice: the reason behind this lies in the fact that you can have more than one form across your website: for example one asking for a general subscription and another to offer a free ebook.


Antiflood Panel


So we decided to protect you and your websites from this potential issue, adding an antiflood option in Newsletter: it’s available in the subscription configuration panel and it allows to set how quickly two subscriptions from the same email address or the same IP address can be accepted. We recommend to set the antiflood time to 1 minute or more, however by default it’s set at 5 seconds to not interfere with your initial tests.

To know more, see our documentation page.