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Mandrill Newsletter alternatives

By March 14, 2016March 22nd, 2016No Comments

Looking for Mandrill Newsletter alternatives? Three ways to say goodbye to Mandrill without regretting it.

Mandrill, the popular transactional mail tool, after many years of excellent service is “closing” its doors, as it’s becoming an option for paying Mailchimp customers. This means that Mandrill will probably get even better but undoubtedly more and more expensive. Many of you are probably using Mandrill for its great 12k free emails per month, or maybe for their comparatively low fees. Unfortunately, this is going to end soon, so maybe you want to start considering other options.

But how will that affect your newsletters ? What are the best choices ? Here are a few options you should consider.

1. Back to the standard mailing of your provider (bad)

Every decent hosting provider lets you to send emails “directly” without the need to configure an external service. However, it could have limits, and different hosters have different quality levels. In our experience, this solution is the worst, because hosting providers have no interest in keeping that service working smoothly and reliably.
→ How to setup Newsletter to use the standard mailing? Rather simple, just open the SMTP options panel and disable the SMTP. Newsletter will revert back to the standard mailing mode.

2. Use the SMTP of your email account (maybe)

Quite often with an hosting plan you get also a certain number of email addresses.. Along those accounts, an SMTP is provided. You can use those SMTP credentials and set them on SMTP configuration panel inside Newsletter.

3. Using a serious mail delivery service (good)

MailJetMailjet Mandrill Newsletter alternative is one of the best and feature-rich email marketing services around and it offers 6k mails per month completely free. Should you need more, their plans are definitely a bargain with 30k sends at as low as 7$/month and 60k sends at 21$/month. We tested it extensively and it’s a very reliable service that we’re sure it’s going to grow a lot in the next months. MailJet integration plugin is of course available, with bounce detection and managament via API.

Sendgrif Newsletter integration
Sendgrid is a reliable service we tested over a long time. It offers a number of plans, even a free one with 12.000 emails per month and a “lite” plan with the formula “pay as you go”. You can find these plans at the bottom of their price comparison page (so be sure scroll to the end of the page !). We developed the Sendgrid integration plugin for an optimized integration via API with bounce detection and management.

Amazon SES Newsletter integration
We widely used Amazon SES on many projects. Amazon Services are extremely common in a lot of different web and cloud applications, so we decide to develop our own Amazon SES integration plugin for optimized integration with Amazon SES via API with bounce detection and management.