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Mailgun Extension 4.0.0 Released

By August 23, 2016No Comments

Hello again dear Newsletter users!

Finally the Mailgun Extension is here! Many of you asked for it and whit a reason: Mailgun is a fast growing service to send emails quickly and with high reliability. Mailgun Extension takes care to send all generated emails through Mailgun and gets back information about bounced addresses (email addresses which cannot be reached) and keep the subscriber list clean from non-working addresses.

The most important news is that Mailgun offers a free account to those wanting to try the service with a limit of 10,000 emails per month!


Mailgun has also an easy to follow step by step guide to setup your sending domain (one or more per account), a procedure aimed to grant high reliability and low spam score for your emails. It’s worth to spend the time required to fully configure your domain.

Our extension integrates directly using their API, so once the domain is set up you only need to copy and paste the API key inside the configuration panel. Eventually, if you just want to try their service, you can use the standard SMTP configuration of Newsletter and setup the sending via SMTP using their SMTP parameters.

Hence, let’s start sending with Mailgun!