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Mail Marketing Tip for Christmas Time

By December 11, 2018No Comments

You’re using a mail marketing platform (maybe The Newsletter Plugin) and you wonder what to do on Christmas time. Should I send something to my subscribers? Should I made a special offer? Should I press them with an email series?

Those are common questions and, of course, there is not a single perfect recipe. But don’t worry, here are some ideas to simplify your decision path 🙂

Do you plan to make special offers?

If you are a seller and you just decided to make a special offer for Christmas, it’s now time to ship it. In the case of physical products that must be delivered to your customers, be sure to define your “last available date” to grant the delivery before Christmas. Check with your delivery service, specially if you sell worldwide.

Now you can send a newsletter with a discount and also ensure to get the product delivered in time. Use this condition to create a sense of urgency and add a timer in your newsletter.

Recall needed

We all receive a lot of offers during Christmas time. Many of your subscribers will look at yours but set their mind to “I’ll check it later at home”… and then they forget it. A good practice is to send a recall newsletter (or more than one, but don’t overdo here) to get back their attention. You should send the last recall a couple of days before the last available shipping date.

Christmas day offers

It could sound incredible, but people place orders even on Christmas day. If you have something to sell on Christmas day, you should plan a newsletter (with Newsletter you can prepare and schedule the newsletter delivery). Don’t forget to add your greetings as well.

Gift ideas

This is good for affiliate marketers. If you participate to affiliate programs (Amazon, Udemy, …) there are so many gifts ideas you can create! People are overwhelmed by products, but it is sometimes difficult to compare theme, differentiate them by age of the receiver (when buying something for children) and finally to have original ideas.

Here you can be of help (people always adore to be helped). Find out products or services which could trigger your subscribers. But pay attention, don’t make just a list of products, you need to delve deeper: explain or suggest why they’re good or original, offer a future perspective to invest money on those products.

Tell your subscribers why they’ll be appreciated or why they’ll be a great surprise or why they’ll be really useful and life changing.

Keep the focus, on each newsletter, on a single product or a strict product category. You can even offer some alternatives at the end of the newsletter, maybe linking a page where you explore other ideas.


This is a bit more complex. Initially you send a newsletter with some links to specific product categories. That will be an exploration email.

After few days, entering the statistics panel of that newsletter, you’ll find a list of links clicked by subscribers (see the re-target panel). Link by link you can add the subscribers who clicked in the first email to specific lists, to send a further, more detailed newsletter on the product category.

Probably you’ll end up sending two or three different newsletter in the second round.

You can even discover that a product category is totally ignored and it isn’t worth the effort to advertise such kind of products.

After Christmas

If you prefer and alternative approach, you can try a different way. Send a newsletter title “You don’t need this for Christmas” or “What you need after Christmas” and offer something that would be nice to receive after Christmas. You will get rid of the pressure of “on time” delivery.

Post-Christmas products could relate to the upcoming new year, when people have a lot of “good intentions”, be them an healty life style or a guitar course.

You’ll recall your offer after  Christmas day with a “Be prepared for the new year”, maybe with a special offer ending the last day of the year.

Christmas media

To make your newsletters a lot more Christmas-themed, you can use a lot of free resource. Here are our top picks!