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The Locked Content Extension 1.0.0

By April 7, 2017No Comments

Since its origins the Newsletter plugin has a powerful feature to increase the subscription rate: the locked content. The aim of this feature is to hide and replace with a subscription form part of a blog article that is unlocked after subscription. Is a simple form of membership.

Unlocking the content to who is really and definitively interested in your writing has two important effects: it increases the subscription rate and enable the building of a valuable contact list.

We decided to move that feature out of the Newsletter core to be able to evolve it with new a powerful options but we’re keeping it free for everyone. It can be installed directly from the Newsletter extension panel in your blog.

This step makes the Newsletter core lite and less resource consuming for who is not interested in this feature.

About the content locking technique

This technique is not so far away from the classic landing page with premium content promoted and delivered via the welcome email after subscription. But it’s easier to setup: you need only few good articles and to decide which parts to hide (surrounding them with a simple shortcode you can find in the locked content ocumentation page).

Your welcome email or welcome page should then only point back to those articles (you can group them with a category, for example one name “premium”).

When the subscriber confirms the subscription, a cookie is set and the content is unlocked. Easy.

Get more details on the locked content ocumentation page and share your experience in our forum!