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    I have read hours and hours about delivery engine and I had already done account on GoDaddy, but where there is some delivery engine account making? It doesn’t found by searching with key word and the whole site GoDaddy is place, where seems to almost impossible even buy anything.

    Your documentation doesn’t tell nearly anything about delivery engines. There’s screenshots about some parts of the Newsletter plugin on this page’s foot,

    but I can’t find those scenes from the plugin. It would be very helpful if you add a couple straight links to delivery engine pages what are working with Newlsletter plugin, not GoDaddy’s frontpage because it does not help.

    Where are those scenes on the link I posted on the plugin?

    Another thing about the plugin, why you haven’t done any page where is possible to see subscriber list?


    in reply to: Newsletter not sending #7066


    I tried first time to send Newsletters with Newsletter plugin, I coded own layout, but I can’t send any mail from it, but test emails only to some email services, not for example to Gmails. I read these two and I must say that I am very disappointed.

    Anyway, Suscribers part of the plugin is  not good, because there is not shown the list of emails at once on any scene. I thought first that I’m almost there after coding own newsletter, but no, I can’t send any newsletters.

    Is this because of the update of the plugin????

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)