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    I close this subject! Thank you!


    Hi, did you received administrative access privately that I send to you? It is helpful to tell me when I can enter in dashboard, because now I stay out, not a problem, I have a lot to work other activities. If you are busy, I respect your program, just I have to know when you finish. Hope, don’t disturb you from your work.


    Thank you a lot for your fast answer. I appreciate. I’m very glad to send you an administrative access privately, after some minutes.

    My answers:
    … did you compose the newsletters manually or are you using the feed by mail feature?
    Manually all the time because I don’t know other way. With simply theme, but yesterday I find very good the Default one. If can go automatically is perfect.

    The newsletters are always in “sending” status?
    -No, still “”new”, not “sending”. In Diagnostic is WordPress Cron System >>>ENABLED. (it’s ok)

    Did you upgrade recently the plugin
    >>> I tried Oldest version button but nothing change. I upgrade all the time if I see in Dashboard announcement.

    , other plugins,
    >>> Yes, woo-commerce and wp-framework.

    the theme of the site or did you changed something event apparently irrelevant in the site structure?
    >>> Nope. Just I registered near Social Icons the shortcode of Search plugin and I strong need tu put near, like a widget a frame similar for Newsletter subscribers. You gave us a code, in support, and you say to put into a newsletter text but I don’t know which text:). I put in [newsletter] taxonomy but don’t work, not in cPanel, just like so. I don’t know strong HTML or other and I didn’t know how. I stay with that big featured image in front-page and don’t look great. I need a small one like a widget. I’ll have to learn html or mabe you tel me the text, to register in Roua Option-Social icons (because ROUA theme don’t have widgets).

    A half of subscribers doesn’t confirmed wich means gone in spam I think a lot. I resend to them to confirm but no one answered.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)