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    I love the plugin however I’ve a few queries, but will break them in to different posts so that others replying/reading don’t get confused!

    Can you explain a bit more about how the plugin link to WP Subscribers works?
    -If the person changes their email in WP, will their newsletter email address be updated or new subscriber created and any personal settings lost?
    -For tags {} will Newsletter either look up the values from WP, or update them automatically or are they always only those when originally registered?
    -Can we “pull” other data from WP either to populate Newsletter (eg the Preferences linked)? Or can it only use those defined in Preferences in the Newsletter?
    -Can we put a link in the newsletter which links to the WP profile? Should be possible as I’e got the plugins to allow login via email…
    -What happens with the unsubscribe and profile links for WP users? Am I right in saying it goes back to Newsletter and WP remains untouched by any changes?

    (For others reading the documentation is:
    https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/plugins/newsletter/subscribers-module )


    Sorry, the post was marked as spam…

    The email used is the one of the user, the subscription is a link to the user’s data and used to contain subscription specific data (like the preferences).

    You cannot pull other data from WP and there are no features like the login via mail and so on. Newsletter subscribers are actually completely separated from WordPress, except for the link used only to send emails.

    Unsubscription is limited to the Newsletter database, it means that “linked” subscriber won’t be mailed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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