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    I understand the reasoning behind rate-limiting email and the setup of cron, but we really miss the “trigger now” ability.

    I set up an external cron job to hit /wp-cron.php every 5 minutes since that is the frequency with which newsletter needs it.

    But here is our process:

    Add posts to WordPress for the weekly newsletter.
    Create and send email copy to first round editors and proofreaders.
    Make first round changes
    Create and send email to presidents office for final edits
    Make final changes
    Create and send email to list server (uses external database of pastors and elders to send email).
    Approve list messages so they are sent.

    While we CAN wait up to 5 minutes after creating and scheduling a newsletter message, the number of messages sent range from 1 to 2 in each of these lists. So we would simply hit the trigger now button after scheduling the email since there was no reason why we should wait 5 minutes for wp-cron to do it.

    That feature recently disappeared. Any chance it might come back. We sure miss it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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