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    I’m testing the plugin and have set up pages for subscription form (with [newsletter_form]), Profile, Welcome and Confirm. All are shown at the right time, but how can I add the following subscriber data to each page:

    {name}, {surname}, {email}, {ip}, {id}, {token}, {profile_N}, {subscription_confirm_url}, {unsubscription_url}, {unsubscription_confirm_url}, {profile_url}, {unlock_url}, {profile_form}

    but none of these tags seem to do anything on custom pages nor does there seem to be any way to make the default messaging show up on a custom page.

    When the user subscribes, I’d like the page to show what email the confirmation message was sent to so he can double check he typed it correctly.
    When the user confirms, I’d like also display the email address that was confirmed along.
    And so on, but none of these do anything on the pages.

    On the profile page, I tried adding [newsletter_profile] and it just shows a table with an email address and a blank table row. None of the above variables appear nor does the default message appear. If I don’t use a custom page for profile, then when I click on the profile link in a welcome email, I go to the newsletter subscribe page instead of the default profile message appearing.

    Also when someone unsubscribes, they’re sent to the subscribe page. I want to display a custom message and also redisplay some of the above info and a subscribe form again, but there doesn’t seem to by any option to display a special message or custom page on an unusbscribe.

    What am I missing because what is happening seems very strange (almost seriously buggy).



    You can use a single page with the [newsletter] tag inside and manage all the displayed text from the subscription configuration panel. Or use the same tag in your custom page and manage the content from the subscription config. panel. We’re working to have full customized pages with replaced tags.


    Thanks, that works but I’m still finding custom pages confusing and not working the way that seems logical as the odd pages seem to pop up on some events.

    Nevertheless, I was looking at your general tag list here (which BTW you should add in the contents as it took me almost 30 mins to find it because you also don’t have a search on the website):


    but didn’t find tags I require tags for the subscriber creation date/time (not just their IP address) and also the sender email address as it is important to include these in some messaging. Do these exist and/or are they being added?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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