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    After clicking the subscribe button, the subscription process runs successfuly but the newsletter page which loads after is not showing the correct text depending on the result of the process.

    Wathever the result, the page shows only the title of the newsletter page.

    Example of error page: https://inexh.com.br/newsletter/?nm=error&nk=368-9668ba7b6b
    Example of success page: https://inexh.com.br/newsletter/?nm=confirmed&nk=372-974d0d6afa

    The sad thing is that I have a dev instance of this website and there everything is working with the same configurations, but I am sure I’m missing something…


    Hi, you have some strange behaviors in your blog. This page, https://inexh.com.br/newsletter/ should be editable and should contain only the [newsletter] shortcode. But if I try to load it without the parameters as in your example, I get a set of redirects and finally the browser reports and error “too many redirects”.

    You should definitively ask someone to check that.



    Hi Stefano, thanks for pointing that out to me, this particular problem was caused by the YOAST plugin which has redirect capabilities using php, it had 3 entries to redirect the newsletter url.

    I removed such entries and the redirect error is gone, but I still have the error above, the subscription process works and the newsletter webpage is loaded, but the messages are not loaded.

    Do you have any hint?

    Thank you very much.

    Guilherme Rocha

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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