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    first of all, great plugin!

    I’m having a strange problem with the delivery engine. It could be related to my setup or some plugin incompatibility.
    I’ll be glad to dig into the code, just needing some directions and suggestions.

    Here is the problem:

    Context: it is a multisite install, the plugin is not network activated – it is active only on the main site.

    The delivery engine is not started. “trigger now” doesn’t change this. (just sends a batch of email messages if a newsletter is sending)

    The cron system works. Diagnostics (from newsletter plugin and diagnostic plugin) confirms this. Other planned tasks are working (daily rss import, post category expiry, etc).

    “newsletter” cron job is correctly listed. But diagnostics shows no events / jobs are planned.

    Disabling and re-enabling the newsletter plugin seems to fix this for a while (minutes, hours, don’t know). But then the delivery engine stops again (cron ok, newsletter job listed, but no future events planned)

    Other: using w3 total cache. But wp-cron.php is set to be ignored (not cached).
    Another (previously used) newsletter plugin is installed but not active (in any site).
    Wordfence security plugin installed (should not interfere with this, who knows).

    Any ideas?
    Where should I start looking.. (i do know php, and played a bit with wp conding, but i’m far from expert on this), or any other info I could provide to make the issue clearer?

    Is anybody else experiencing this problem?

    Thank you very much!


    Hi, strange to have the delivery engine completely stopped. Can you install the diagnostic plugin (on my downloads area, free) that will list all the jobs and their status? It would be helpful if you can send me a screen shot of the “cron” panel of that plugin.

    The plugin DOES NOT interfere with wordpress.


    By the way, I forgot to mention: wordpress 3.7.1, newsletter plugin 3.4.0


    Thank you, that was fast!

    Yes, I did already install “diagnostic” – it’s the one telling me no events are planned.
    Just re-enabled the plugin, so it’s working right now , i’ll take the screenshot later when (if!) it stops again


    In the diagnostic panel, first table, there is the schedule named “newsletter”?


    In Schedule, yes. Not in events, below


    Ok, it stopped.

    manually triggered, still stopped

    Forn diagnostic -> cron panel:
    (“newsletter” cron job is in schedule. But there are no more related events)

    max delays”


    I confirm: Re-enabling the plugin restarts the delivery engine (events)


    Uhm, are maybe remote images blocked?
    I’ll send the screenshot by email. Or edit using links only


    So it means that once executed it is removed, like if the schedule disappears (hence WordPress is not able to reschedule it), this is very strange.

    Usually the scheduled task is not rescheduled if during the cron job the times table is not correctly compiled (eg, when something blocks newsletter while adding its own schedule).

    I’ll change the diagnostic plugin to track down the schedule table while wordpress is doing the cron.


    This seems very useful!

    Hope it will give hint’s on what’s conflicting (or what’s going on in this case)


    Hi, on diagnostic plugin under “hooks”, seek for “cron_schedules”: what is listed on that row?


    They are evernote images, only you probably can see it. I got an access denied error.


    Hi essemme, would you like to contact me via stefano@satollo.net so I can send you an updated version of diagnostic plugin with some instructions?


    1. hooks -> cron_schedules:
    postindexercron->add_time_period (wp-content/plugins/post-indexer/classes/cron.postindexerrebuild.php)

    Crontrol->filter_cron_schedules (wp-content/plugins/wp-crontrol/wp-crontrol.php)

    autoblogcron->add_time_period (wp-content/plugins/autoblog/autoblogincludes/classes/autoblogprocess.php)

    Jetpack_Heartbeat->add_cron_intervals (wp-content/plugins/jetpack-lite/class.jetpack-heartbeat.php)

    Newsletter->hook_cron_schedules (wp-content/plugins/newsletter/plugin.php)

    2 and 3: images: whoops, those were supposed to be the shared ones, the links should be public – i’ll check.

    Great, i’ll drop an email message

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