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    Dear Newsletter Developer community, we need some very urgent help. Really appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

    We have been testing the newsletter solution for over 2 weeks especially its autoresponder addon. After rolling out, some of our customers are complaining that the autoresponders are not sent consistently as expected.

    The more we test, the more it looks more and more like a database bug which causes the autoresponders not sending consistently.

    Below is the report of our most recent test:

    1. Preparation for the test.
    We cloned a subsite from another subsite which is functioning fine.

    We used 2 test emails to sign up. Before our test, we cleared wp_user table and every wp_x_newsletter table in our network so as to make sure the 2 emails to be used in testing are not stored anywhere in our network as existing users.

    After signing up, both users / emails are added to the wp_69_newsletter table associated with the subsite that we just cloned to create. But the time stamp seems not making sense.

    Also, only 1 of the 2 users show on Newsletter –> Autoresponder –> Subscribers.

    As a result, only 1 of the 2 users will receive autoresponders.

    2) 2nd round of testing.

    We deleted all users in wp_users and wp_x_newsletter, including wp_69_newsletter to make sure the emails can only be added as new users, and tested again.

    We registered both test users.

    In the wp_69_newsletter table associated with the subsite, both users are entered:

    On Newsletter –> Subscribers list, both are showing:

    But on Newsletter –> Autoresponder –> Subscribers, there is no subscriber this time. So there is no subscriber waiting for the autoresponder:


    When we sign up new subscribers, we use wpForms. We did not do any customization on the newsletter plugin. The following is the function we use to move subscribers to different lists:

    Function to add subscriber to list


    Hi, is the wp-cron system working correctly in every blog of your multisite installation? Is all addons active in every blog of the multisite installation? Have you checked the status panel of every blog in your multisite installation? Are they reporting warnings?

    The wp-cron.php of each site in the multisite is triggered?

    Newsletter works locally on each single site.

    Almost surely the cron of one or more of your sites is not working/not triggered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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