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    Hi everybody,

    am new in this forum… and wondering wether anybody can help me:

    I have a site with a shop (woocommerce), and want

    first: a common registration process with an option “get the newsletter”. At the moment I only have two widgets – one for standard login/registration/lostpassword – a second for newsletter registration. I#d love to only have one widget  for login and add a checkbox within registration process “get the newsletter”. Any idea how that be possible?

    second: Registration would also be possible within the checkout process. I think I’ve seen a post somewhere how to add additional checkboxes within the woocommerce checkout process. But however I’d have no idea how that could achieve a “get the newsletter”-checkbox that would start the subscription process. Anybody who could help me with that?

    third (and hopefully last) I’d love to have a comprehensive user profile page where the user / customer can see his orders as well as change his password and so on. Dont want him in backend. And would love to have a shortcode where he can edit his newsletter profile within this profile page, or at least trigger the unsubscription process. So far I inserted the [newsletter shortcode and got an subscription form even if the user already is a subscriber of the newsletter. So what I want is: a checkbox within the user profile “get our newsletter”. Dont want the user to enter a different mail or name field, if he is a registered customer or subscriber (of the site).


    huu…. That’s a lot of stuff. Hopefully someone reads this, or even understand it. Thanks for any hint or comment! Thomas

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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