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    W.J. Koning

    I made a newsletter which looks perfect in the editor mode. When I, however, send a test e-mail, I receive the newsletter with extra spaces at random places. For example the word “Newsletter” becomes all of a sudden “Newsl etter”. To see if something was wrong with the editor mode, I switched to View mode but there everything looks perfect as well. Then I checked the html source and found no extra spaces there also. Finally I cop pasted the html on my website to see what would happen, but also there it looks perfect.

    My conclusion is that the html source is the way that it should be, but something happens during sending of the newsletter. By the way, everytime I sent a test the outcome was the same, meaning all the extra spaces appear at the same spot in the text everytime. So this is not some random eroor, but a structural one.

    I hope someone can help me out with this problem!


    Hi, in which email client are you experiencing that?

    W.J. Koning

    I’m not using an email client. Just sending it via the newsletter plugin. Or if you mean my provider, that is hostnet.nl.

    By the way I just looked at the source code of the test e-mails with extra spaces and there I noticed that for some reason the sign = is used to break up the lines. It’s exactly at the spot of the = that an unwanted space appears in the text. Here is an example of the code as it appears in the test email:


    <p><font size=3D”3″ face=3D”arial, helvetica, sans-serif”>In deze nieuwsbri=

    ef bekijken we verscheidene aspecten van de sociale veiligheid op internet.=

    Aangezien een groot deel van de kinderen tegenwoordig actief op internet w=

    ordt vanaf ongeveer het tiende levensjaar, is deze nieuwsbrief met name bed=

    oeld voor de bovenbouw van het PO en voor alle jaarlagen van het VO.</font>=


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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