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    I have installed the free 3.8.4 version of plugin.

    The URL generated by the plugin are relative and don’t include the domain name.
    Then when receive a newsletter message the unsuscription url don’t work:

    The unsuscription url (tag {profile_url}) expand like this:
    <a href="/wp-content/plugins/newsletter/do/profile.php?nk=123-2b35ffd319">

    This problem affect also to the tag {email_url} which appear so:


    However the tag {blog_url} expand correctly to the domain name, in the newsletter message subject and also in the message html content.

    I have activated DEBUG and the log file don’t show any error.

    The diagnostic page also don’t show any error.

    How can solve it?


    I have circumvented the above problem by setting a
    <A BASE HREF="http://www.domain.com">
    in the html newsletter template

    However this trick does not apply to plain text message tags.


    Hi, check on the diagnostic panel if there is a notice about “plugins_url” returning an invalid value or like.


    Hi, in diagnostic page, WordPress plugin url show:

    Filters: no filters attached to “plugin_urls”

    This value should contains the full URL to your plugin folder. If there are filters attached, the value can be different from the original generated by WordPress and sometime worng.

    Is it the correct value?


    Yes, it seems correct, so I don’t know why WordPress is returning an incomplete urls. Have you a plugin to remove the full url?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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