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    When my clients want to unsubscribe, that doesn’t working automatically? I don’t understand why?
    I get this :


    You receive this message because Safe Unsubscribe service did not succeed to unsubscribe the following recipients. We update unsubscribe scenarios on a daily basis to improve the efficiency of our service and to limit the sending of messages to the address specified in the Reply-To header. Please unsubscribe the following recipients.

    The format is as follows:
    <recipient> (<uri> <uri>…)”


    I don’t know anything about safe unsubscribe, what is? If your newsletters contains the unsubscribe link it should work. Please ask details to who contact you about the issue you reported.

    Thank you, Stefano.


    Every day is far too often for poor prospects. They’re simply not interested enough in what I offer to put up with getting an email from me every day. Many of them unsubscribe after the first week or two—many after the first few days.

    Conversely, good prospects are really interested in what I offer. They tell me they can’t get enough of my emails because they are so useful and interesting. So emailing more often, rather than less, builds a strong rapport with my most qualified prospects. Liteblue


    It used to be that inbox providers like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail would simply send and receive emails. They have since taken on a much bigger role in managing emails, from organizing and prioritizing to helping consumers declutter their inboxes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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