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    Hi Stefano,
    I checked for 9 days all the variants to repair Trigger button (delivery system) because I don’t want to tell me that I did not read all of the indications. I think is something atypical because I didn’t find a topic about no-display the delivery date in Newsletters Panel.
    The Newsletter Plugin worked perfect starting on 23/06/2015 till 21 July 2015. After 21/07/2015, any new newsletter don’t displays the date in newsletter_emails_index and tigger don’t work. Progress statistic is empty too.
    Is important to say that in Others file, the date is correct.

    Newsletter and WP-newsletter tests is working properly.
    WP- cron is active and status ok
    I looked in php wp-cron cron is not disabled.
    No IP filtering, cookie filtering or other filters CAN blocks the call to wp-cron.php
    I usually Speed ​​= 100
    No low traffic (over 150 visitors Every Day)
    No cache systems (php is empty in cPanel)

    I tried a very old version update button and nothing changed.
    It is a problem with trigger function and where is gone the date in newsletter_emails_index.
    I think my subscribers left me after 9 days not receiveing the newsletter. …. I just send to them (manualy from gmail) an announcement that I working to fix it, but I never finish, as you see. Is urgently indeed.
    What can I do, Stefano? I don’t have yet IT support here in Romania, I can not pay in this summer period when everyone left the place in holiday and that type of services became very expensive, … if you understand me …

    At the begin I market 5 stars with a beautiful feedback into a message and no regret, of course. May be because of other reasons? No many plugins I have. Just this Search, the WP framework and other 3 not complicated.
    Thank you for your support. My site is this: http://rouavision.ro/ If is helpfull, I can send a print screen, but where, at which address?
    Sorry, my English is awful.

    Have a great day!


    Hi, to solve your problem, can you send me an administrative access? (privately at stefano@thenewsletterplugin.com). Few other questions: did you compose the newsletters manually or are you using the feed by mail feature?

    The newsletters are always in “sending” status? Did you upgrade recently the plugin, other plugins, the theme of the site or did you changed something event apparently irrelevant in the site structure?



    Thank you a lot for your fast answer. I appreciate. I’m very glad to send you an administrative access privately, after some minutes.

    My answers:
    … did you compose the newsletters manually or are you using the feed by mail feature?
    Manually all the time because I don’t know other way. With simply theme, but yesterday I find very good the Default one. If can go automatically is perfect.

    The newsletters are always in “sending” status?
    -No, still “”new”, not “sending”. In Diagnostic is WordPress Cron System >>>ENABLED. (it’s ok)

    Did you upgrade recently the plugin
    >>> I tried Oldest version button but nothing change. I upgrade all the time if I see in Dashboard announcement.

    , other plugins,
    >>> Yes, woo-commerce and wp-framework.

    the theme of the site or did you changed something event apparently irrelevant in the site structure?
    >>> Nope. Just I registered near Social Icons the shortcode of Search plugin and I strong need tu put near, like a widget a frame similar for Newsletter subscribers. You gave us a code, in support, and you say to put into a newsletter text but I don’t know which text:). I put in [newsletter] taxonomy but don’t work, not in cPanel, just like so. I don’t know strong HTML or other and I didn’t know how. I stay with that big featured image in front-page and don’t look great. I need a small one like a widget. I’ll have to learn html or mabe you tel me the text, to register in Roua Option-Social icons (because ROUA theme don’t have widgets).

    A half of subscribers doesn’t confirmed wich means gone in spam I think a lot. I resend to them to confirm but no one answered.


    Hi, but the newsletters stay in new status even if you press “send”? This is very strange, when you press “send” tnhey should move from new status to sending/planned status.


    Hi, did you received administrative access privately that I send to you? It is helpful to tell me when I can enter in dashboard, because now I stay out, not a problem, I have a lot to work other activities. If you are busy, I respect your program, just I have to know when you finish. Hope, don’t disturb you from your work.


    I close this subject! Thank you!

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