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    Hello team,

    I have a website where I worked with the Newsletter plugin (version 3.6.3). I am now customising an new theme for the website, I uploaded and customised the Newsletter plugin and want to have the subscribers imported. I get errors while doing this via the export and import the CSV files between the two versions of the plugin: I am exporting from version 3.6.3 and importing to version 4.2.0.

    I am having additional fields in the subscription form (additional from the standard form), but the fields are the same for both versions.

    The error message I am getting is:

    Import completed but with errors.
    Import completed: 1252 errors, 0 added, 0 updated, 0 skipped.
    [INVALID EMAIL] email first name last name gender Profile 1 Profile 2

    Same error for all 1252 subscribers.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    The best way to transfer the old subscribers is to dump the wp_newsletter table and reimport it on your new database.



    Dear Stefano,

    Thanks a lot for your fast reply. I need additional explataion, what do you mean by dumping the the wp_newsletter table? I am sorry for not understanding you from the first time…



    Sorry to come back to this, but I need help. I cannot make the transfer of the subcribers via the export/ import function between two different versions of the newsletter. Can I make this via cpanel?


    Hi Florina, Stefano means export (or copy) the databasetable of the old newsletterinstall and import (or paste) it to the new databasetable of new newsletterinstall. Easy to do with phpMyAdmin

    Marcel Snoeck

    Hi All,

    I am also looking for this mechanisme that we can import additional field, like a field mappen.
    Because I am technical to do it in the database, but my customer want from a second system import extra information.

    So my Main question is, are their any plans for it?

    Thanks for the feed back

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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