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    Greetings to the Newsletter Plugin support.

    I tried to export my subscribers list using the export function, to export my chosen preference to excel.
    The export function did not tabulate the fields according to the profiles. Excel did not recognize any columns.

    I used all the 3 separators (semicolon, comma and tabulation), excel did not recognize the columns still.
    Here is an example below of how excel shows the exported list, the same way for the 3 separators:

    Email;”Name”;”Surname”;”Sex”;”Status”;”Date”;”Token”;”Profile 1″;”Profile 2″;”Profile 3″;
    0nas@clearwire.net;”AARON”;”STRINGER”;”n”;”C”;”2015-04-30 17:23:08″;”448af7f2de”;””
    12blue12@gmail.com;”Gregory”;”Pharis”;”n”;”C”;”2015-04-30 17:23:08″;”bc3cdeefac”;””;””;
    kpardon@hotmail.com;”K T S”;”Mohapeloa”;”n”;”C”;”2015-04-30 17:23:08″;”38f45cc71e”;””;””
    1carol804@bellsouth.net;”Donna”;”Hickman”;”n”;”C”;”2015-04-30 17:23:08″;”ed6a74566d”;””
    kortneylin2000@yahoo.com;”Derreck”;”Caldwell”;”n”;”C”;”2015-04-30 17:23:08″;”d57b1758d5″;””
    pogue.rayshan@yahoo.com;”john”;”vue”;”n”;”C”;”2015-04-30 17:23:08″;”318b39e6d0″;””;

    What can be done about this problem ?
    I request that you kindly resolve this problem of the export function, because it does not tabulate lists properly to excel, excel does not recognize all the 3 separators.

    Your response is highly anticipated. Thank you.


    Excel is stupid. If the text is only in one column use the text to data Excel feature.


    Thank you for responding.
    Unfortunately excel is unable to separate the fields.
    I have tried to convert to a “table”, I also tried the ‘text to data” feature but could not make the
    required changes. Excel could not separate the fields into different columns and rows.
    So the only option for me now is to select the fields and copy them to a text doc.

    Since excel does not recognise the fields, I like to suggest creating an “export to text doc” function in the export tool, during the next update.

    Please kindly respond to my post here also:

    Thank you.


    The export is a text file, just named .csv. Excel must be able to convert it, the text to data feature should be applied to a selected excel column.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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