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    Hi, I am currently using de Responsive Drag&Drop Composer to make my newsletters. That contains a simple texteditor, with the possibility of making links, by clicking a chain-symbol. The field for the url is limited: I have filled out a complete url for a subsitepage and it shows the first part of this url as “..”. My intended url is http://keramiekingouda.nl/inschrijving2017/onderhoud-je-gegevens/?tok={something}. If I read it back, it is changed to ../onderhoud-je-gegevens/?tok={something}. The site is a subsite of http://keramiekingouda.nl, that also contains a page onderhoud-je-gegevens. The link “../onderhoud-je-gegevens/?tok={something}” is what you get back in the HTML, when you saved and went to preview. The resulting link in the newsletter goes to http:”//keramiekingouda.nl/onderhoud-je-gegevens/?tok={something}. The whole inschrijving2017/ bit is lost! Only when I edit the HTML in preview-mode, I get this working properly. That is a lot of hassle.


    I’ll check shortly on our test blog, maybe the editor needs some extra configuration to keep the full URLs (even if we do not experimented till now).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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