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    Hi Stefano, I have your NL plugin for last two years. Recently I have upgraded to version 3.0 and have problems with subscription and unsubscription.

    If user tries to subscribe from the web page (I use [newsletter] on the web page) it displays following error:

    subscribe(); if ($user->status == ‘C’) NewsletterSubscription::instance()->show_message(‘confirmed’, $user->id); if ($user->status == ‘S’) NewsletterSubscription::instance()->show_message(‘confirmation’, $user->id);

    If you try to unsubscribe from the NL e-mail the error is:

    get_user_from_request(); if ($user == null) die(‘No subscriber found.’); NewsletterSubscription::instance()->show_message(‘unsubscription’, $user);


    Please let me know what might be the cause for this problem. Thanks.


    Your server is sending back the page code instead of executing it. It’s a provider/file permission problem and you should fix it immediately since it can expose sensible data.

    Ask your provider about it so it can make the file wp-content/plugins/newsletter executable.



    Thanks. Issue resolved now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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