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    Alain Aubry


    After a long period in development, I moved my site from casa-indigo.casa-indigo.net to its home at casa-indigo.com
    Now I have a problem with the Subscription process, that I have not been able to sort it out.

    All fields in the Subscription tab, General, Subscription, Confirmation, Welcome and Profile are not been saved and stored.
    When I filed in, the say data was saved, then I come back and they are empty again…
    I have tried to create a Newsletter page using the button, it is the same.

    Diagnostics reports everything is Ok and is capable of sending test emails.
    Before I was using {subscription_form_1} and was running perfect.

    People is trying to subscribe via the widget, but they did not get the confirmation email.

    Alain Aubry


    Those options are save as standard wordpress options. Are you able to check the content of a database table? Check the wp_options table for the option_name “newsletter”. What’s reported? Eventually backup and delete it.

    Alain Aubry

    nothing to report yet…

    Alain Aubry

    delete what?
    the plugin and reinstall?
    just the wp_option lines with ‘newsletter’?

    Alain Aubry

    there are 26 lines in all

    Alain Aubry

    after the row labeled: newsletter_main_version
    I have a row with empty name,
    and then a row: newsletter_profile

    Alain Aubry

    Ok, working!
    Only after a long copy-paste!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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