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    I did not see where you can save subscribers into different lists to break them up. The only see thing I see is sending them out to male or female. I wanted to be able to save them that way so I am not sending out just one big blast at a time. Maybe I a missing something?


    it is possible to save subscribers into different lists and to send newsletter to lists selected?
    it would be very helpful this!


    I am a bit new to this plugin and I got the same kind of issue:
    First, I sent a newsletter to nearly 2000 subscribers. Two days later, I got another batch of 500 new subscribers. I needed to send them the same newsletter without resending the newsletter to the first 2000 subscribers.
    I waited few days to let the first recipients to eventually unsubscribe or else. After that, I backed up the table wp-newsletter from the data base. I exported the 2000 subscribers in a file. Then I deleted the 2000 subscribers. The subscribers list was empty. I imported the second batch of 500 subscribers. I did the second newsletter sending. Then, I imported the 2000 subscribers.
    A bit complicated procedure. If you know better, thanks to share 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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