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    I have a “normal” newsletter that I send monthly. Today, I have installed the follow-up module, and I want to activate it ONLY for a new, very special newsletter. How can I do this?

    My idea was: Define a preference, create a subscription page that automatically sets that preference and also automatically activates follow-up. Then, send the special newsletter only to those subscribers with the special preference set to YES.

    Is it possible? In which panel(s) do I have to configure this?



    Hi, the follow up is a thing you enable on a subscriber during subscription, is not related to a newsletter.

    Can you explain me the steps the subscriber should follow to activate that follow up?



    Hi Stefano,

    for me, a newsletter is not a single message that is sent out. For me, it is an ongoing series of messages.

    I want to offer two kinds of newsletters:
    a) my standard monthly newsletter
    b) a bulletin e.g. “The 6 simple steps how you can reach your goal named X”

    When somebody subscribes to my standard monthly newsletter, I want him to get zero (0) follow-up messages.

    When somebody subscribes to one of my bulletins, I want him to get follow-up emails. Example: When he subscribes to “The 6 simple steps” he will get 6 emails automatically without me doing anything.

    When he subscribes to the bulletin “The 3 most dangerous things you should avoid”, he should get 3 totally different emails, also automatically.

    So, what I really need is…
    * a set of different newsletter series
    * each series consisting of a set of predefined messages
    * each series having a separate subscription form
    * one subscriber can subscribe to more than one series

    So, if John@Smith.com subscribes to “The 6 simple steps” and to “The 3 most dangerous things you should avoid”, he will get 9 messages, total. If Mary@Smith.com subscribes to “The 6 simple steps” only, she will get 6 messages, not 9.

    I want to write 6+3 messages only once and save them.
    I want to write 1 message a month that goes to the subscribers of my monthly newsletter, immediately.

    Is that possible?



    No, it’s not possible. What you need is a multi-list system where every list is independent.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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