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    Maudits Produits

    Hello Stefano,

    Thank you for the plugin, it is great.

    Testing it, I have a strange behaviour. I have set it up to single opt-in.

    I tried to register an email, and it works fine (confirmation on the site and by email)
    I tried to register the same email a second time… and instead of getting the “you are already registered message”, I got the “you will receive a confirmation email” (and I did).
    So it looks like instead of jumping to the “already registered” loop, it somehow enters the double opt-in loop…
    Any clue on what could be happening?


    This is actually correct. If you offer two registration over time to enter two different lists/preferences, the second one must be confirmed otherwise anyone can change a subscriber profile just using his email.

    If the system block the second attempt, it happens you cannot offer different subscriptions over time. anyway, if you don’t think to offer different subscription, users won’t subscribe twice or if they does not confirm the second subscription the first one stays active.

    As you see there are many scenarios, this is way the plugin offers all those options.

    Maudits Produits

    Thank you for the answer, and for the reactivity… I m not sure to get completely your point.
    Here I read that

    When a user attempt to subscribe with an already stored email, Newsletter does few checks and takes decision on how to proceed. It’s important to know that workflow to understand, for example, why an error message is shown to the user.

    if the email is already present and confirmed, show the already subscribed message; eventually resend the welcome email, if enabled

    So I was understanding that when trying to sbmit the same email a second time (as it s single optin, it s confirmed automatically) it should jump to the Already subscribed page content
    ow I don’t understand anymore when do you end up on this page?


    You’re right, the documentation have not been still updated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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