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    I’ve created 2 public lists. List A is “Show, checked”. List B is “Show, unchecked”.

    I also have a “global” private list that is enforced.

    When a person subscribes to the newsletter, whatever the selection, he is subscribed to both list A and list B, instead of only to the one(s) he choses. 

    Why is it so?



    Are those lists forced by language, for example? Or is the form a custom form forcing those lists?


    No, I do not use the language to force any list.
    See the picture from this link: pontivyjumelage.org/nextcloud/index.php/s/j4WYGi5LAp5PC3q


    I don’t use any custom form either, only the newsletter widget.


    Would like to get an answer to this question. This is similar to my issue as well. I can use an additional field, but don’t know how to use that field then to segment my list. How do I do that?


    Almost the same issue. I created a widget with the subscription form. When subscribers fill it they are not automatically enlisted in the corresponding list. Their choices are visible on their profile. How do we set lists? Couldn’t find how to in the documentation. You “lists” video says “We will cover this aspect in another video” I couldn’t find it. Where can I, please?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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