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    Greetings to the support team of The Newsletter Plugin.
    My name is Olu Akinfenwa.
    I have 2 questions to ask about the plugin.

    (1) I need your help to set the “grabber extension for newsletter” correctly, because I don’t understand the setting.
    Can it grab emails from the blog comments and also the contact form ?
    If yes, Please give me the correct settings for the grabber extension, to grab emails from both forms.

    (2) What type of message format coding does the software use ?
    I found that amazonses requires a message coding format of “7-bit ASCII format”, before they will send out any email message through their smtp. Amazon does not accept any format that is different from “7-bit ASCII format”.

    Kindly respond to these questions as soon as possible and tell me the type of message coding format being used in the software.
    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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