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    Thank you for your great work!

    It took me some time to get along with it but now i like it more and more….

    First problem:

    If i go to the profile page via the profile url for editing the data like email, Name, sex, prefs etc. and previously set for example name and sex as required information in the admin area. I can delete this information later on, on the profile page and press “save” it saves it but gives me no error message that name and sex is required. how can i fix this?

    Second problem:

    If I want to delete unsubscribed users via “Massive Management” by pressing “delete all unsubscribed”. The delete process does not happen. How I can fix that one?

    I could not find any hint in the documentation or this forum so far to fix my issues

    Maybe some of you guys here have same problems or maybe a solution, please let me know as soon as possible because i get really close to my deadline…




    Here’s a workaround for the inability to delete the unsubscribes (I haven’t tried that massive change unsubscribed deletion on my own list yet, and I’m uneasy about doing so because of your problem report in this forum post):

    Export the entire subscriber list using the Export built into Newsletter.  Do it twice, and set one copy aside as a backup.
    Open the non-backup copy of th resulting tab-delimited file in Excel or a similar tool
    In Newsletter, delete ALL the subscriber records using the massive delete option
    Locate and delete the rows for the address marked as unsubscribed (status code=U or something like that, but it might be a different code, I’m not certain)
    In Newsletter, delete ALL the subscriber records using the massive delete option
    In Newsletter, import the edited tab-delimited file from which you have deleted the unsubscribed records

    It’s a kludge, but it will work this way.

    – Tim


    thx dude i will try that. By the way could be a nice feature for next releases!

    I will report how it went.

    One problem left – any suggestions?


    Hi, for sure their are bug. Since I’m ready to release the new version, but these bugs are not really fixed, I’ll start to work on them ASAP.



    Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for the Great plugin

    I am using plugin for past 8 monthes. I have upgraded the plugin

    Problem is ” In Earilier version when a user clicks on Unsubscribe it leads to Custom page Like  ‘Alternative custom confirmation required page‘  but in this version i am unable to find This”.

    Could you please assist me in this.

    Prompt Response will be appreciated





    Are you talking about the unsubscription process or the confirmation process?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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