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    Hello Stefano —

    I’m getting things set-up where people will be auto-subscribed (forced subscription) – when they register for my site through my membership plugin: Digital Access Pass (DAP). That part seems to be working fine… my custom form works, the database entries get posted in all 3 areas (WP / DAP / Newsletter), and my custom success page redirect after “Submit” works.

    But, I’m sorry, there’s nothing obvious to me about how to place the Newsletter Subscriber Preferences / Profile on a WordPress page where I want it. Ideally, on the member area page with other member details – all of which get placed by other separate shortcodes (other plugins, not Newsletter). I’ve tried placing the following items on a separate dedicated newsletter page… and on the member profile page – but it just comes up as text:

    [profile_form] (just guessed at this one)

    And, the process for the way Newsletter Plugin generates the Profile Form from the {profile_url} tag is also not obvious to me, since I haven’t sent any emails out yet using the plugin. I realize that most tags are used within a composed email… but, my questions are:

    1) How do I place the Newsletter Profile / Preferences Selection / Subscription Management details on a WordPress page, wherever I want it?

    2) Is there detailed Newsletter Plugin Documentation about all Shortcodes / Tags (placement and usage) — that I’m missing somehow? (I’ve looked – can’t find any details).

    Appreciate your help…



    One more question please…

    I also need to update from Extensions (older versions) – to the new Newsletter Extensions as regular plugins (from version 2.x). How do I do that while keeping all my current preferences and configuration intact? (Mailjet API Keys / SMTP details, for example). If I delete the old extensions, then add the new plugin versions… will I loose all my prior configuration?

    Thanks, again!


    Hi, no configuration will be lost on upgrade of extensions. About the profile page, try this short code: [newsletter_profile]. We are working to make it out of beta and documented, but it should work.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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