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    If just installed everything I Need and set all up.
    I was able to make subscription-page, with the shortcode: [newsletter] in your documentation there is the shortcode: [newsletter_form] used, which does not work.
    Also the [newsletter_form form="x"] shortcode does not work. I tried with: [newsletter_form form="1"], and [newsletter_form form=1], both don’t work.

    So i tried it with the function: newsletter_form(1), this works fine.

    Now I tried to make a separate profile-page with the shortcode: [profile_form] and this does also not work. It only Shows the string [pProfile_form]. If I let the page empty in my settings, so the plugin can use the “Newsletter” page, it works, but this only works if I don’t use a custom form. If I try a custom-form, then this form can’t be used for a profile-page. On a click on it, the fields are not filled with the information, which exists for the users allready.

    I use the newest WP with some own-shortcode-plugins: PHP Snippets and Shortcodes Ultimate. I don’t know, if there are some conflicts, or you have some known Bugs in your plugin.
    I like the style of your plugin an the Code you write,… but I don’t get, where the failure is.

    I have also two questions:
    Is it ok, that only ONE user is able to get the “test-mails”? If i check two users as test-user, only one gets the test-mail.
    I have done some own PHP-Code as a script, which inserts some things into an own email-theme. If I creata a new Newsletter, the theme runs the script and fills the mail with my data. After I save and test the Newsletter, I have to create a new one, to run my own script again. Why is not possible, to get “back” to the creation of a Newsletter-page? Or just a “refresh Option for the “saved” Newsletters?… It would possibly help sometime.

    I would apreciate, if you give me some hints, or help.

    with regards,


    Hi try to write by hand the shortcodes in your page/post because they must work. If you copied and pasted from the documentation they cound contain HTML formatting code. Every subscriber marked as test subscriber is using during the newsletter test process, check the top message every test email should be displayed.



    I have just tried it.
    I can’t generate a profile page. It works not properly without a profile page, and not at all if I use a short Code, to create a profile page.

    Is there any function, that I am able to use instead of a short code?

    I don’t get it, why the subscripton shortcode works and the other ones not. Where is the file located, where you declare these short codes, maybe I find some bug inside of it.

    EDIT: I got your bug. The shortcode for the Newsletter-Profile is: [newsletter_profile] and not [profile_form] it’s in subscription/subscription.php on line 39 declared.
    I have Version 4.0.8 of your plugin. Maybe you fix your documentation.


    Hi there is not a profile page to generate, actually, the subscriber is not a logged in user. The profile page is automatically generated starting from the link you add in your newsletters ({profile_url}). The profile page can be create to have a custom wordpress page for profile editing, but Newsletter is able to generate it itself.


    I know all these 😉 but, if I click on “Profile page”-Button on the subcribers-list I got to the “Profile”-page. This page is just a page, there the profile-form will be included.

    In the section subscription > profile. There is this explanation:

    A full page address (e.g. http://yourblog.com/profile) to be used to show and edit the subscriber profile. Leave empty to use an auto generated page or the main Newsletter page with the message below.
    The custom page must contain the [profile_form] short code.

    and that’s wrong. If you want to use a short-code on an own made page, you have to use: [newsletter_profile] and not [profile_form]

    If you don’t want to use a custom-page for the profile, you can acces the page (an own generated page) trough the link out of a mail with the shortcode: {profile_form} . The codes with { } are for mails and the codes with [ ] are for pages.

    It is simply a wrong Explanation.


    OMG, thnak you very much, already fixed, will be published shortly.


    your are welcome. Was just a little help, compared to what you did with this plugin 😉

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