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    Hi, i am testing your plugin on a multisite blog (WP 3.9.1) . I have two problems that i need to resolve before using it and eventually buying a license.

    1) i configured the plugin to force registration at signup. I registered a test member but the test member is not subscribed to the newsletter.

    2) Members that open a blog can see and configure the newsletter plugin. I think that who opens a blog in multisite has an ‘administrator’ role so the option for disabling editor is not appliable.

    Is your plugin supposes to work with a multisite installation?


    test site: http://blogdolci.dynamoproductions.it


    The plugin is for single blog, is installed on mutisite, it can be activate site by site and the site administrator can use it.
    I believe to understand you want to use it only on a master site and only by the super admin, but this is not possible.


    Ciao Stefano!

    What a pity, this plugin would be indeed useful for a multiblog site. Anyway i need to uninstall it now. Does it create tables in the database? If yes, How can i find them and remove them?

    Thank you


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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