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    Hello Stefano,
    I’ve tried subscribe/sending a newsletter with different adresses :
    – Gmail : Ok
    – Personnal adress of my website (at 1and1) : Ok
    – Hotmail (tried 3 differents adresses) : received nothing, no subcribe confirmation, no news (even after changing to “confirmed” in Subscribers menu)

    Do you know why there is nothing with hotmail ?


    I forgot to say that I use to manage my accounts with thunderbird.
    I checked hotmail in a browser and all the messages were in spam menu ! 🙂

    But i don’t know why i don’t receive messages with thunderbird (nothing in spam folder of course).

    And do you know if there is a way that newsletters do not arrive directly in spam folder ?


    Hotmail is very hard wit suspected spam and many factors can cooperate to mark a message as spam. The first check is to ask the tech support if the server which sends the emails (not necessarily your web server) is blacklisted and if they can setup an SPT record on the DNS to authorize the mail server to send email for your address.

    Alternatively, you can use some external SMTP, like SendGrid. Or, if you provider gives you even the email, use the SMTP you use on thunderbird.

    The tech support should be able to give you the best direction… copy and paste them this message.


    Thank you Stefano ! I’ll send your message because it’s like chinese to me 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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