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    Hello !

    I’m sorry to ask probably already answered question, but I don’t quite understand your paid accounts conditions.

    My client needs a plugin like Newsletter (which is very good btw) with the Feed by Mail feature. So I got that this was only accessible for paid licence, and your sticky post reads he only needs to buy the Blogger Membership. Questions are :
    – Which modules does it exactly give access to ? I only read about Newsletter and Feed by Mail, but if your other plugins are worth it, it might be a good investment for him ;
    – What if he only pays for one year ? Does he still have access to the current version of the plugin, or will he fall back on the free version, without Feed by Mail when his membership will end ?

    Thanks for your answers, and again, Newsletter seems quite amazing from what I saw. The UI could be clearer, but your nice documentation is a good patch.
    (The only thing I don’t find clear is your membership packages, as you might have guessed.)

    Cheers !


    I read a bit more on your FAQ, I got it.
    He only needs the 20$/year membership, and doesn’t have to pay for more than one year as you let your users use their products unlimitedly. He just won’t be able to get the updates after this year.

    Thanks again for your sweet modules !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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