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    Your plug-in looks like what I need but I have a few questions that I’ve been unable to get clear answers for in the documentation or the demo copy.

    1) Most important, I need to **automatically send a digest report on a fixed schedule**, daily and/or weekly (preferably at the user’s option), of with an image and excerpt of all new posts in specific categories since the last emailing.

    a) Is this possible?

    b) If it is, is it possible able to organize the posts, in the e-mail, by category?

    2) And secondly, it seems for Amazon, you only use Amazon SMTP.

    a) Can you use the Amazon API and if not are you planning to support it?

    b) What are the throughput limits with Amazon? Your configuration seems to have a suggested limit of 100 emails per 120 seconds, just 3,000 an hour. I need to send 10k-15k per hour. Is this possible? With Amazon SMTP?

    One of Amazon’s best features is it’s throughput, but if the sending is throttled at the source it doesn’t help.

    c) If you’re currently limited, are you planning to incorporate any of Amazon’s suggestions for improving throughput here and if so which ones:


    d) I read in the forums many have had problems because Amazon only accepts 7 bit ASCII emails, yet the plugin uses UTF-8 and you suggested to use Base64 suggesting that “should” work. Is there a definitive answer to this and/or is the plugin now properly compatible with Amazon?

    3) Is delete from database the only option for handling bounced e-mails, or can you flag bounced emails and skip while sending?

    4) How do you handle Amazon’s Spam reports? Are you able to flag as reported as spam and skip on sending?

    5) If yes for 3 & 4, are you able to export bounced/spam email addresses?

    6) I use my Amazon SES account for sending from various software. Currently I get a bounced email notification sent to a special email account that my other software tracks and lets me process for spam, etc.

    a) With Amazon, does your plugin handle bounced emails automatically now?

    b) If it does, is it better to use Amazon SNS or POP3 Email fetch?

    7) Are you able to upload an EML file as a template?

    Thanks and I hope you’re able to do digests (question 1) and increase your sending speeds above 3k per hour, as otherwise the plug-in looks like exactly what I need.

    PS Is there anyway to search the forums?


    Hello Mohib, I’ll try to answer your question by topic:

    Digest It’s definitely possibile with one of our premium extensions, Feed By Mail. Take a look at its features here.

    Amazon Our plugin connects with Amazon SES and Amazon SNS through our premium extension called Amazon SES (take a look here). It uses Amazon API and the only sending limit is the one set in your Amazon account settings. We never limit throughput of our users. Bounces are processed through Amazon SNS and displayed in our plugin dashboard but of course you can set Amazon SNS according to your needs. Bounced addresses are flagged as “bounced”: this means they will be still present in your database but can be conveniently erased at once.

    About your encoding worries, you will have no issues at all through our premium extension because it relies on Amazon APIs. If you use the free plugin with Amazon SMTP server you COULD have some trouble with encoding due to Amazon retro compatibility rules. Anyway, generally speaking, UTF-8 is always to be preferred.

    Templates EML files are not supported, anyway you can easily use online tools to convert your EML to plain HTML.

    I hope to have answered everything, if that’s not the case feel free to tell me.
    Best regards,
    The Newsletter Plugin

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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