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    After the latest update, I see an option for “Open or Clicked” on a newsletter subscribers.
    This seems to make no sense since, logically, anybody who clicked will also have opened. So this seems like this tally should be no different than the previous “Open.” Additionally, the number reported is odd. I have a newsletter that was opened by 98 subscribers and clicked on by 11 subscribers, but “Open and Clicked” reports 507 subscribers.

    Please bring back the previous “Opened” (That shows those who opened and those who opened and clicked). This, in combination with the “Clicked” was more useful and logical.


    Hi, looking at the code you should not have 507, or is this number the total subscribers reached (could be a problem in the filtering query).
    Which version of the addon is installed?


    Version 7.9.4

    That is the total number of subscribers, but it is displayed after I apply “Open or clicked.” It also shows “1 of 26” pages, but pages 6 through 26 are devoid of any subscribers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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