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    i’m looking for a way how i can change what’s happening after the user clicked submit. Normally it just loads a html page or the html page with the text i wrote in the Newsletter backend. Is there a way to open the Confirmation required message in a lightbox?

    I tried to find the right php file where the Confirmation required message/page is opened but i couldn’t find it.

    I’m using a plugin where a html link with a class like “eModal eModal-1” would open a little lightbox with a text. That works but i couldn’t find out where i could implement this.

    I’m open for other solutions too though.

    Thank you already!


    I found in the subscription.php the right lines and changed them. Though it is still not working and loads in a new window.

     // Is there a custom url?
            if (!empty($this->options[$key . '_url'])) {
               echo '<iframe src="' . self::add_qs($this->options[$key . '_url'], 'nk=' . $user->id . '-' . $user->token, false) . $params . '"></iframe>';

    Or you force the form post to be ajax and listen for answer and show the answer on a modal window, or you should open a model with an iframe inside with a specific id, and force the form to target that id so the subscription “action” will run through the iframe and the message will be shown there. Then you can twick the message with a custom url, for example.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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