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    The Please Confirm Subscription Email Received by the Subscriber is not clickable (just a normal URL which would need to be copied and pasted)

    I have taken the URL and emailed it to myself and then it does come to me as clickable , so it seems the URL is valid and also my Email Client is not at fault.
    Example URL which comes to the subscriber is like this:(not clickable on the email but clickable on test email to myself) I have seen other posts with this issue but no Solution?


    Great Plugin and would really like to get this fixed.Another Issue I was wondering if if could be done is:
    When the Subscriber confirms he gets taken to the Your subscription has been confirmed! Thank you! PAGE but should there not be a redirection to the Front Page or somewhere to carry on, other than maybe pressing the Browser Back Button?


    A pure text url in an email can be converted directly bu the email client, but the url can be added to some words, like clieck here and it should be clickable. If not, it’s the email client “not trusting” the email and disabling the links.

    You can try to send the email to other clients (like gmail, yahoo, …) to check the differences. Since the standard confirmation message is the same for every installation, the problem should be in your client otherwise it wouldn’t be clickable for every one.

    Can you do such a test?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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