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    first of all, let me thank you for your very nice plugin. It’s really easy to use and covers all my wishes 🙂

    But unfortunately i have a problem with the “user keys” behind links to user accounts.
    For example, you can see it here:

    There is no real key. When you get your link, you can simply change the number at the end and edit all profiles.
    Usually i think, the links should have a random suffix (like “a91ef7”) to prevent subscribers from editing accounts of other subscribers.
    Do you perhaps have any idea what i could have done wrong? Or did i miss a setting?
    Or are there any known compatibility issues with other plugins or themes? (be-theme, wpml-plugin, yoast seo, disable comments, contact form 7)
    Or perhaps is it the subdomain (SERVICE.m-nc.de instead of http://WWW.m-nc.de), which causes the shortened links?

    Thanks in advance for any answers 🙂


    some new information:
    I moved the page to a local xampp-wp-installation and now the keys work.
    btw meanwhile i saw, you call it “token”.

    after i moved the page, the tokens work again.
    so it seems to be an environmental problem.

    is there any setting of wordpress or php or apache that is mandatory for the tokens to work?


    ok, i dont know why, but the problem disappeared.

    after i moved my page back to service.m-nc.de the tokens are there again…
    however, thx for reading, this topic can be closed or deleted.


    Dear Stefano,

    in the end i think it was most likely a domain/subdomain-problem.
    The problem disappeared after i used the plugin “All-in-one WP Migration” to move the entire wordpress-installation to a local domain and back. This plugin does a search and replace on the complete database to change the old domain (from where the page is copied) to the new domain (destination of the copy).
    Because i didnt change anything else, i guess these two “search and replace”-sql-commands fixed the problem.

    Thx again for the great plugin,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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