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    I friend of me has this super Newsletter Plugin instaled at his WordPress Page. Yesterday he cals me that the Newsletter was not sended (in the Statistic is 1503 Sendend but 0 opened)

    He said that he was make an updtae of his WordPress to 3.8.1.

    In the backend it shows me the sending of 1503 Emails and 0 opened Newsletters. It needs also a very long time period to send these Newsletter (2 Days).

    Other Newsletters bevore was sended properly and was opened by 500 from 1500 Subscribers.

    The log of the sending was not enabled. Any ideas whre to look for an error?

    Kind regards



    almost surely it’s not connected with wordpress 3.8.1, but with your provider. Do a test from the diagnostic panel and then, if it works, create a blank newsletter with a couple of link and send it to test users. Then click the link and check if they are correctly tracked.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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