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    The newsletter plugin works great for me except for one thing. The visual editor does not seem to produce WYSIWYG results when I send out my messages. Many times, there is a font or size change in the middle of a paragraph of text. The more I try to correct things with the visual editor, the worse it seems to be in my email client. Looking at the HTML code, it seems like things aren’t as clean as they should be. If I hand edit the code, I can make things better, but that is arduous.

    It is frustrating that when I get things looking right in the visual editor, it doesn’t look the same in my email programs.

    Is there a best practice for pasting in text from other sources and cleaning things up?


    It’s a common problem, visual editor are designed for web and not for email client. Depending on how you copy and paste the code many (odd) things can happen. I always suggest to use a prepackaged theme (or ask someone to design a specific theme) and then edit only textual parts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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