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    Robin Marshall

    No problems with Newsletter until Nov 27, when the newsletter suddenly failed to send.

    I have logged a support ticket as a premium user, but have had no response yet … hence trying the support forums.

    All diagnostics are correct, and test emails through both WP and PHP are coming through. I rolled back to an older version, which did not help.
    The test send of the newsletter works.

    I have talked to our server hosts, who have checked all diagnostics on their end, and everything is fine.

    I am not using an SMTP service, just the basic inbuilt system. Cron is enabled.

    Basically nothing has changed on the server or settings, but it has simply stopped sending. It SAYS it is sending, but it is not.

    Can anyone help? Or is this unsalvageable and is it time to get a refund?


    Looks like I have the same issue. Suddenly stopped working about the same time. Did you get it fixed?

    Robin Marshall

    No, not yet, the Newsletter folks are apparently “looking at it” but I have not heard anything for a few days.

    In the meantime I am using another system. But at this rate it may become permanent!

    Robin Marshall

    An update: the system is now working and sending, after a bug fix.

    However attempting updates through WP cause errors and it won’t perform the upgrade.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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