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    Hi everybody,

    I like to know if there is a way to integrate the newsletter subscription within the wp-members registration process.

    My idea was to add a checkbox (want newsletter?) to the registration form,
    and on submission also to add the new user to the newsletter subscriber-list.

    There is a hook in wp-members, bevor the user is added to database (wpmem_pre_register_data).
    Here would be the place to hook into the newsletter subscription, but I can`t figure out where the “neesletter-subscription-magic” is happening.

    I hope I presented everything understandable?

    Any hints? Other suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


    We have the same problem and find out that in the free version it works but on the pro version ther is onle the possible to WordPress user integration say yes but im not shure if it work?


    I did this with mine, but made it automatic subscription upon registration – without check-box.

    Click on the “Subscription Steps” and then the “General” tab.

    Next to the “Subscription on registration” label you have four options from the drop-down:
    -Yes, force subscription
    -Yes, show option
    -Yes, show option already checked.

    Either of the last two will show a check-box. Then, you can even choose the text next to the check-box. Just write “want newsletter?” or whatever you want in the option “Check box label”

    Hit save.



    P.S. I’m using the “free” version -which is the newer version of the pro version. Now the “pro” part of the newsletter comes with the premium module additions.


    Well. It works now. Weird. Nevermind.


    Hi pazzaglia,
    hi everyone,

    your suggestion helped me a lot!
    In conjunction with the hint of Stefano to put a custom field in the registration form of wp-members <input type=”checkbox” name=”newsletter” value=”1″> a user is now subscribed to the newsletter.

    Ok. Double-Opt In isn’t working this way, and a new newsletter subscriber keeps with the state of “not confimed”.

    The coolest thing would be, if there was a possibility to put the subscription-link to newsletter in the mail a user gets after registration from wp-members form.

    The token you add to nk=userid-token is dynamic right?
    No chance to put it in a foreign-form?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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