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    Just starting today the Newsletter Subscription Confirmation Email won’t send! 🙁

    I recieve this email “SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
    552 5.2.0 G89bZqXfjDYfE :: CPANEL :: Message rejected for spam or virus content ::
    Please include this entire message when contacting support ::
    v=2.1 cv=GJvCaL5K c=1 sm=1 tr=0 p=yykMYU0V0Qlujkyp:21 a=mwkILCPhFxzcShHBfSsZzg==:117 a=VFHFqxaLAAAA:8 a=TZb1taSUAAAA:8 a=IkcTkHD0fZMA:10 a=zOBTXjUuO1YA:10 a=HBp1iDJc_5FyB7xvhyUA:9 a=FyeAubxxQLTWVCw4:21 a=2rg9PKPWSIvFMyJq:21 a=QEXdDO2ut3YA:10 a=_W_S_7VecoQA:10 a=frz4AuCg-hUA:10 a=7Ai9hR5NZlQA:10 a=bSPJKTr_kIoA:10 ::

    I also checked the logs and this is the only entry “08-06-2015 13:26:48 – ERROR – 41.1 MB – Blocked by transient newsletter_main_engine set 1 seconds ago”

    I was setup through the normal built in PHP mailer, tryed moving to SMTP and triple check every doc and every setting and also availed of the “avoid spam filter” – If I’m not mistaken I have altered the settings to avoid spam filter but and still hiting it

    Anyone else having this problem or does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks for any help 🙂


    FINALY Got it – had to alter the subject of email confermation! Praying I don’t have to do this again 🙂


    It’s a problem of the receiving server, probably. See the message: “Message rejected for spam or virus content”.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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