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    Hi all,
    i use this beautiful plugin since year 2014.
    Yesterday i try to send another newsletter, but my credit with turbosmtp was finish. So after e recharge i try to send a realy newsletter.
    After a succesfully test test to 4 subribers,i launch the newsletter send, but nothing change.
    The email seems to be in sneding status, but non increasing counter number, it still remail to 0.
    I put the log level to debug and this is the result:

    23-10-2015 15:28:01 – DEBUG – 59,5 MB – hook_newsletter> Start
    23-10-2015 15:28:02 – ERROR – 59,5 MB – Blocked by transient newsletter_main_engine set 774300 seconds ago
    23-10-2015 15:28:12 – DEBUG – 75,7 MB – hook_newsletter> Start
    23-10-2015 15:28:13 – ERROR – 75,7 MB – Blocked by transient newsletter_main_engine set 774311 seconds ago
    23-10-2015 15:31:57 – DEBUG – 81,0 MB – hook_newsletter> Start
    23-10-2015 15:31:57 – ERROR – 81,0 MB – Blocked by transient newsletter_main_engine set 774535 seconds ago

    Some ideas ?
    Regards, Stefano Orsi


    The values I saw there are very big and absolutely a problem. It seems the blog is not deleting the transients. Did you changes newsletter values setting them on wp-config.php?


    Hi Stefano, thanks for the fast reply. No i haven’t change or write any newsletter value on wp-config.php
    Today without try to launch the newsletter send, i found that this semaphore time in increased, anhd clickinh on Delete button in Newsletter Diagnostic -> Semaphore and crons nothing change

    I tried some time ago, i do not remember if first or after succesufully newsletter, a cache plugin, like Super Cache etc. i do not konw if it can change something on transient value.
    Now wp cache plugin are disabled and removed.


    Hi Stefano,
    i’m sorry i need to send the newsletter so i delete the wp_options db record concerning _transient_newsletter_main_engine. I before put it to 0 value but it does not still not work.
    Now the newsletter are in sending state, but this record also after disable and reactivate the plugin was non re created.
    Please not beat me 🙂 Some ideas or solutions ?
    I just made a little donations some time ago, but i will to send you another pizza and beer 🙂

    Regards Stefano (me too)


    That record should not be present in the database if the plugin is working correctly. Actually I don’t know while you had such issue, very strange!


    Hi Stefano, the newsletter sent are completed. Can i give you more information to examine the strange problem?
    Regards, Stefano.


    Try to check again the newsletter delivery semaphore in the diagnostic panel.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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