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    Hello, Stefano. I have installed your newsletter plugin (free version) for my client. We’re trying to find a newsletter plugin that works the best. So far, my client has sent out 1 campaign newsletter yesterday. It went out to 8,825 subscribers.

    According to statistics,
    Status: sent
    Progress: 8825 of 8825
    Emails Opened: 221
    Emails Clicked: 1

    The problem is this… My client and I have not received the newsletter yet. I have three different email addresses in there that it should go to, but not one was hit. I checked spam on all three accounts. My client’s husband DID receive it. What do I need to do to get assurances of this plugin works? You can imagine how discouraging this is. If I can get this to work right, my client likes your product and how simple it is for her to use it… therefore I know she’d want to purchase it and use all the various extensions you have to offer.

    Can you help us sort this out?

    Thank you,

    Heidi Hafner
    Hafner Designs


    Hi, how reliable is the mail server you’re using? You should try this test: signup for a free account on mandrill and send a newsletter with their SMTP. Set the speed at max 100 email per hour and then increase as son as they give your more speed. 12000 emails are free but anyway their prices are very low. They have a panel where check eventual problems with delivery, problem you cannot see on a regular SMTP server (or you should ask the provider to check the SMTP server log).

    Send me an email from your blog, for example using the diagnostic tool of Newsletter so I can even check if your mail server is in a black list.


    I used the diagnostic tool to send to you. It should have come from johnettedowning.com

    I’ve looked at mandrill. My customer doesn’t want to buy anything else at this point. We’re working on a tight budget and will buy premium once we’re convinced we have it working. I have contacted our host and hope to hear back from them tomorrow.

    Thank you for your help.


    Actually no email from johnettedowning.com. I start thinking your provider has serious problems with emails. Mandrill is free, while not try it to see if things change?


    Stefano, I think I found the problem. It would seem that a part of my client’s list had too many bad email addresses. I have learned that many servers rejected these emails due to an onslaught of bad email addresses. I’ve seen the message, “Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour (8/5 (20%)) allowed. Message discarded.” I am doing my best to clean and verify the list.

    Thank you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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