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    I just recently upgraded our server to a cloud server. This week when I sent our newsletters, they say they have been sent, but we haven’t received them. Where could they be? Is there somewhere I need to change the server IP address?


    From a plugin (or any other software sending emails) “sent” means the email has been delivered to the local mail server which then delivers it to the final recipient. Try to use the diagnostic panel of Newsletter to determine if emails are really delivered. If not and no error messages are shown, there could be a problem in your server and you should report it to your support.



    I have been using newsletter for several years very successfully. I recently upgraded the plugin and WordPress and now it says newsletters are sent but no one gets them. I have gone through all the documentation, troubleshooting suggestions, and settings without success. Here are the things I’ve done:
    – We had a message that we have a low volume site so I checked for the specific command that was identified in my wp-config.php and it was not there so I set up a cron job to download the home page once a minute
    – I used the test email feature under diagnostics and the wordpress email was successful but the newsletter email was not. I went through all the documentation trying all the suggestions with no success. I tried changing a few settings and when I changed the “Send email directly” setting from No to Yes both diagnostic emails were successful. I am not using any extensions or outside services.
    – I tried sending a newsletter to my 488 subscribers and while Newsletter said they were sent, no one received them.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


    I have same problem !!!!!!!! today after update newsletter plugin tried sending a newsletter to subscribers and while Newsletter said they were sent, no one received them… before update newsletter was work brilliant…
    pls fix it asap !!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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